BRIEF: Develop a brand identity and website that reflects my values and vision

CLIENT: Myself

SERVICES: Brand Design | Graphic Design | Web Design 


This was the hardest part – defining my own brief to work to.

My current brand eleven23 solutions never really reflected me as a designer, partly because I tried to incorporate a masculine element as my partner Martin is my web developer and tech guru.

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to rebrand to reflect the customer base that has evolved since I established eleven23 solutions in 2012.
The customer base has organically grown into the holistic, wellness and lifestyle sector with my services evolving too, with the introduction of consultancy.

My brief was to design a brand identity that reflected my core value, strength, and purpose. I wanted my brand to be seen as the designer who got it, understood the client, and exceeded the client’s expectation.


My customer base has organically grown into the holistic, soulful, creative and wellness sector with my services evolving too, with the introduction of consultancy, although articulating my skills and talents was a struggle especially when it’s like a second nature, it’s just something I do, but that’s not enough. This is where I looked outside of my business for help. I had recently taken a personality test to discover my archetype, it was very accurate and the result was I’m an  ENFJ – The Protagonist.

ENFJs are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team with infectious enthusiasm.

Intrigued by this I was eager to learn more about my archetype and archetypes in general, I came across a ‘Primary Archetype Test’ which proclaimed that …

Within the next ten minutes, you’ll…
…have business and brand clarity.
…regain your sense of authenticity.
…feel less scattered, and more focused.
…understand what makes you so needed in this world, and have some ideas for how to start communicating that.

WOW, a lot to deliver – so no turning back, as I sat reading my Primary Archetype results – I was amazed by how accurate and ‘that’s so me’ it was. So much so that I immediately went on to purchase The Archetypal Business Initiation Kit to discover my secondary archetype and learn how to add my authenticity to my brand.
I finally found clarity in who I am, I felt I had the words to explain me and finally felt I gave myself permission to be me. From here I started my journey of designing my brand identity and website.





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