BRIEF: Consultancy & design brand identity and new website design and development.

CLIENT: Katy Batt

SERVICES: Brand Design | Graphic Design | Web Design & Development | Consultancy


Katy’s brief was to create a brand identity and website for her to create a community to support mums using her Realistic Holisitc™ methodology. I had worked with Katy on a previous project and recommended she take Cerries Mooney’s free Primary Archetype test. Having completed it myself I know how astonishingly accurate the test is. Katy went on to purchase The Archetypal Business Initiation Kit, once completed we got to work on looking at Katy’s archetypes and her blend board. Katy chose to have weekly consultations to brainstorm and capture her values, vision, and mission. I introduced Katy to Artefact cards these are the next level up from brain dumping on post-it notes.


It was quite obvious that Katy’s brand had been with her the whole time as we explored her archetypes and her blend board we could see her brand appearing before us.

Next came the brand inspiration board rich with colour, a regal purple, and gold to match the ‘Ruler’ archetype, images of bees from where Katy’s love of bees inspired me to create the “Queen Bee” icon that represents the brand Katy Batt. This then manifested into Mama’s Hive the community for Mama’s.

Two individual identities were created one for Katy Batt and the other for Mama’s Hive both using the brand colour palette and the bee theme, as Mama’s Hive is a community the bee icon was transformed into a worker bee and replaced the apostrophe with a logo for Mama’s Hive.

A project this full of colour it was hard not to enjoy it. Once Katy had signed off her brand identity I got to work focusing on the web design sketching wireframes of Katy’s brief, reviewing her copy, content and images.

Katy was very organised and had prepared all her copy, she knew exactly what type of images she wanted and before long we were brainstorming how to design the customer’s journey.

Katy’s content consisted of copy, audio, video and downloadable PDF documents, it’s great to have such a variety of material to work with. After a couple of amendments, Katy signed off the website and we launched it on 1st August 2016.

The feedback on both the brand and website design has been amazing . I’m now working on Mama’s Hive membership site which is going to be launched later this year, with some amazing content from Katy.






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