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Are you in search of an identity for your business, in need some marketing to get you noticed or you’ve simply outgrown your current brand?



I’m Emma a brand designer for soulful creatives who desire a holistic and authentic business. I genuinely care about your business, I’m passionate to help you achieve your dream.

My goal is to empower you with the purpose, clarity and confidence you seek for an irresistible brand that captivates your audience and elevate your business.

I’m invested for the long-haul as your go-to designer, it makes sense as I already know and understand the nature of your business, nurturing your brand through its life cycle, creating marketing material and brand additions keeping your business on brand!

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Branding doesn't need to be overwhelming.

It’s time to focus on your vision, build your confidence and get crystal clear on your brand strategy. Does that sound like a plan to you?

Great, Let’s chat branding, schedule your free call with me.

Thanks so much for the call this morning, Emma.

I arrived feeling clueless and nervous, but you were so knowledgeable and reassuring to speak to that I am now fizzing with ideas! Your advice was spot on, and I now have an understanding of what my next steps should be. The advice you gave me on WordPress and Divi was an added bonus that I hadn’t been expecting. You really have made the whole process of rebranding seem MUCH less daunting! Phew!

Susie Jones

Owner, Mildred Jones


Write your heart’s desires

Write your heart's desires There is something wonderful about the turning of the leaves in Autumn, it's a time for the trees to purge what they no longer require, an aspiration I have for all aspects of life. What no longer serves a purpose or requirement is...

Life Update

  Life Update weightloss journey I mentioned in my September Instagram post that I have some big life changes happening this month. So I thought I'd give you a bit of background and where I am at now along with what's planned with a 'life update' on my weight loss...

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