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Driven by customer excellence - it’s about winning the hearts and minds of your raving fans, turning them into lifelong clients and everlasting friendships. 

If you are here, there is a reason! You are ready to step into your soul's purpose and live the life you were gifted, and this means having a business aligned to your soul's purpose.
As your business evolves and adapts,  your brand strategy needs to reflect your transformations and growth.
I've over 30 years of working in service improvements, from retail, I.T. Management and to my passion in life - entrepreneurship where I get to serve soulful creative women.

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Emma Brooks

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A better way of doing business


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Where do you start first?

Life as a soulful creative woman running a business has its ups and downs. In the depth of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage when a simple task turns into a complex strategy and the tech confuses the shit out of you. It's in that moment you just want clarity and someone to show you the pathway. 

I’m here to empower your goals with ideas, resources, creativity, wisdom, inspiration, tell it to your straight, in plain English. 
Pushing you out of your comfort zone, filling your cup with ambition.
I sort through the clutter and find the best path, I remove the complexity, confusion and overwhelm. I see outside the box, clearing your blocks, visualise your potential and choose your soul's pathway - your strategy.

I hear you

Aligning goals to your soul's purpose creates a pathway that generates the energy to walk the talk with a focus on the necessity for productivity. This is about having your eyes on the goal, knowing what you are doing when you are doing it and whom you are doing it for. Getting shit done by delivering excellence aligned to soul's purpose. 

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“I cannot tell you what a relief it feels.
I’ve been tethered to my desk and you have created momentum for my business..”

Abi Pearce

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