5 Details every business card needs

In an age of information, it’s essential to get a balance of the information we provide on our business card. What are the basic details of a business card?

Here are my top 5 details every business card needs, along with resources and tips to get your business card working for you.

ONE | Logo

Your logo is your brand’s visual expression, it’s how you stand out from the crowd and gain recognition. Whether you use a logo icon, logotype or a combination ensure it is legible.

TWO | Contact Name

I know I’m stating the obvious but I have received business cards that don’t have a contact name. I’d advise against the use of script fonts for important information.

THREE | Role or Specialist

Coach, designer, developer, chief washer upper! Tell me what it is you specialise in or the role you play in the company.

FOUR | Contact

I personally prefer to be contacted by email, this allows me to manage my time efficiently. I’m happy to schedule calls via Zoom, I have learnt from experience not to advertise my phone number after being spammed relentlessly at all hours of the day and night.  This is not to say I won’t ever give out my number to a client, but I do insist on boundaries for my wellbeing. 

FIVE | Website

I like to have a page on my website that is the concierge hub of my business and a guide to what they are looking for. I use this page for my social media profile website links. 

You can’t go wrong with these 5 essentials details but where do you place them?

What to put on your business card

Front or back, both?

Your business card is a client touchpoint and an extension of your brand’s visual expression. Be creative with your business card layouts. Print companies such as moo.com offer printify where you can add a different image to every card.
Perfect to promote portfolios, services or products of the soulful creatives, photographers, designers, makers, or wellness advocates. Ensure the reverse (detail side) is laid out with all 5 elements.

Portrait or Landscape?

Personal preference and why not use both the front as landscape and the reverse as a portrait.

QR Codes 

Over the years I have accumulated so many business cards, but once I’m following them on social media I don’t really have a need for the business card. So a sustainable option is always a bonus in my eyes.  

Add a QR (quick response) code to your digital business card I have mine created so when it’s scanned it adds me to their contacts. At networking events, offer the choice to either scan your code or take a card. I always choose to scan a code at networking events. 

I create QR codes using Adobe Indesign, however there are lots of QR code apps that can use to create and track codes, some are free, trial periods and paid it’s always worth trying a free version but do watch out for codes that  will become inactive after the trial period ceases and you choose not to subscribe to a payment plan. 

If you are unsure always ask your brand or graphic designer for advice or drop me a comment below.

To print or not to print?

I’m a magpie when it comes to beautiful design printed, I love to indulge in the colour, paper and finish samples. 

G. F. Smith paper

I think business cards are a beautiful touchpoint to any brand, however, I am conscious of the sustainability and shelf life of a printed business card. I’m also aware of the number of creative entrepreneurs who prefer to add you to Instagram at networking events.

I have to confess I haven’t printed any business cards for at least two years, and in that time I have been asked once for a business card. I also have a stack of out of date business cards, which serve no purpose now.

Instead, I use mockups and create a beautiful digital business card design with a QR code that I can pull up on my phone whenever I’m asked for my card, I explain how to scan and save my details  (it’s my Virtual Business Card) everyone is amazed at how simple and easy it is!


Printers – Moo.com
These guys make it so simple for creative entrepreneurs to order print items.

Paper – G. F. Smith 
So much more than paper!

Foil – Foilco 
Not just any foil this is Foilco.

Bespoke Print – it’s a personal preference, chat with your designer or local G.F. Smith Rep for recommendations. 

Mockups – MOYO.com*
My favourite for curated photography and mockups. Founders Molly and Mark release new collections every month. 

I couldn’t resist sampling the latest mockup from MOYO Studio, The Brunswick Collection* is a beautiful, minimal layout to showcase brands. Perfect for my plain and simple approach.

*Affiliate Disclosure:
Any items marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you buy via that link. I only ever link companies who offer high-quality services or products, who places the need of their customer at the heart of everything they do and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. This in no way affects you or your purchase. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Business card design by Emma Brooks Design

Are you taking your first steps in creative entrepreneurship?

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5 details every business card needs

September 16, 2019

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