5 ways to make your brand work smarter not harder?

5 ways to make your brand work smarter not harder

You probably started your business with an idea or a niche, and gained customers, who in return paid you,
the best feeling in the world that someone wants to pay for your product/service!

The entrepreneurial journey can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated, distracted and overwhelmed with not enough hours in the day to achieve everything on your to do list. You live and breathe your business, you know the pain points, you discover the wants, needs, desires, and even your those pesky time stealers! 
Now is the time to take action, to up level your business make it a smarter business, a business that brings you joy. 


Know your customer Having spent my early career working in customer service the first lesson I learnt was the customer is KING!’ Without them you don’t have a business. Invest your time in getting to know your customer, discover their wants needs and desires, and what makes their hearts sing as it will be what makes your till K’ching!


Brainstorm your vision Your vision should be where you want your business to be in the next 5 years. It will become the foundation of every goal you make, break them down into 1 and 5 yearly goals. Take the time to plan and make each goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Based).


Stay on brand A brand is with you for longevity a brand should be designed to help your get to where you want to be in 5 years time. Don’t be tempted to change it for current trends stay true to your core values and beliefs.


Don’t cheapen the brand your price point should be inline with your target market. Undercharging can be as off putting as overcharging. You still need to earn a living, so don’t forget to take into consideration the hours your spend on admin, marketing, accounts etc. You need to make profit you need to set a profit margin.


Invest in your brand A brand designer will without doubt create a brand to carry your business for the next five years, it will help you achieve your five year goal and most importantly will deliver a return on your investment. 

 But what if you are starting out and don’t have a budget for a brand designer? 

If you are attempting to DIY your brand don’t dive in with a logo and colour palette,
instead  grab a pen along with your favourite note pad and start with these five steps. 

You can still engage with a designer, I totally recommend booking in a free consult/discovery call with a designer, this is a free session where you get to chat with a designer, to enable you to get the most out of my free 30 minute call I invite you to schedule the call and complete a short questionnaire, this is to help me gauge how I can assist or offer advice.

You may decide Brand Consultancy to be a more affordable option, or feel empowered to go it alone.

My discovery calls aren’t just for designing new brands, you may wish to consult me for a marketing project or a new service. I’m happy to consult and carry out brand audits and creative direction at any stage in your business. If you are looking for a brand cheerleader, a sounding board or accountability partner for your brand development then take advantage of my Brand Consultancy Service, perfect for strategising and setting goals. 

30 minute brand discovery

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me!


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