7 Reasons why you need a brand strategy

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about your business. A brand strategy builds the bridge between logic and magic building a brand that wins the hearts and minds of your raving fans, turning them into lifelong clients and everlasting friendships. A brand strategy is about creating the best gut feeling to retain your clients.

No. 1 Brand strategy defines the audience.

In contrast, some freelance designers and marketing agencies do offer audience research services, but the audience research that you would typically do within a brand strategy goes into greater detail identifying the person, objectives, outcomes, challenges and emotions. It’s through that emotion that a brand really can dig deep into what it is their audience is looking for and how they’re going to resonate with that person on an emotional level.

No. 2 Brand strategy will define the position that the brand will take in the marketplace.

It will give the audience a reason why they should turn towards your brand, how you’re going to fit into their lives, what value you’re going to bring and what role you’re going to play in their lives. If you don’t give them a reason, then they have no reason to turn towards your brand. Brand strategy elevates your brand in the marketplace by focusing on what makes you unique, your superpower, secret sauce, defining why your audience should choose you above anyone else in the marketplace.Everything else within the brand is built from this position, so it is a critical task in any brand building exercise to define that position, This is the core reason why you should invest in brand strategy, before designing an identity or marketing your business.

No. 3 Brand strategy defines the brand persona.

We make decisions based on emotion that’s been proven by science; that is how we make decisions, we justify with logic, and we make decisions based on emotion and characteristics that we see. Modern brands understand the importance of brand personality. You need to connect with your audience on a human level through human traits and a human brand persona.

No. 4 Brand strategy defines the message.

To craft your brand message you need to understand the image that you want to place in the mind of your audience as to what your brand should mean and only then can you craft a brand message that will help to influence that image in the mind of the audience. Defining your brand message is a critical task of the brand strategy, and that happens long before any website copy is put together.

No. 5 Brand strategy guides the design.

Brand identity has an essential task to engage the audience visually and to set the tone for what the brand should mean through communicating characteristics visually. Characteristics are defined in the brand strategy as to how they want the audience to feel, connect and resonate. Characteristics are communicated visually through the brand identity with an image the brand places in the mind of the audience. Characteristics play a fundamental role in designing brand identity.

No. 6 Brand strategy informs marketing.

A marketing strategy is a collection of marketing tactics all working together and even with a marketing strategy in place without the elements from the brand strategy; it will struggle to position its self in the mind of the audience. It won’t have a personality or those key messages that they’re going to use to influence that audience any marketing without a brand strategy as a direction is a waste of money.

No.7 Brand strategy guides long-term success.

Within the brand strategy development process, you have your internal brand. It’s the purpose, values, vision and mission of the brand. It’s where the internal belief system is built. It is an essential element of the brand anatomy when making strategic decisions.When it comes to considering where to invest budget whether it should be in brand identity and a website or some Facebook ads, you must prioritise the fundamental compass in your business – your brand strategy.

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With courage and conviction

Hi I'm Emma Brooks

I’m driven by customer excellence it’s about winning the hearts and minds of your raving fans, turning them into lifelong clients and everlasting friendships.

I’ve over 30 years of working in improving customer service, from retail, I.T. Management and to my passion in life – entrepreneurship where I get to serve soulful creatives.

Darling, branding is my superpower
A brand is about creating the best experience to retain your clients.
7 reasons why you need a brand strategy

December 9, 2020

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Driven by customer excellence - it’s about winning the hearts and minds of your raving fans, turning them into lifelong clients and everlasting friendships. 

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I've over 30 years of working in service improvements, from retail, I.T. Management and to my passion in life - entrepreneurship where I get to serve soulful creative women.

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