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Discover your soul’s purpose

Discover your soul’s purpose

My soul’s purpose is all about living a life of love, abundance and creativity.
Where I get to show up every day in my zone of genius, with my cup overflowing with ambition.

The zone of genius is where you are at your happiest, work doesn’t seem like hard work, you feel good about life and the direction it’s taking, you feel a sense of wholeness and contentment. You get to show up doing what comes naturally to you at a sustainable pace. You are your most authentic, there is no room for ego or limiting beliefs.

However, being too close to your own genius can prevent you from seeing your superpower (the potential for executing your genius). You know the sayings… Can’t see the wood for the trees. Look outside the box.

I’ve experienced this too I found working with visionaries to be my saviour, and it’s why you need to work with someone who can take you by the hand and guide you outside of the box, show you your potential and the path to your soul’s purpose.

When you search deep into your soul, your path and purpose become clear. You’ll have a clarity of vision, ambition for sharing your genius, and the momentum to show up in the world just by living the life you’re meant to live.

Discover your soul’s purpose, connect with your inner wisdom and let it lead you on your path.


Start by noticing what brings you joy – even if your life feels utterly shit, find that one golden nugget of joy. It may be noticing the simple things of life, like the smell of Earth after rain or the sand between your toes. The more you tune in to your own energy, you’ll start noticing more of those moments in your life. So follow those breadcrumbs.


Let go of anything, thoughts, activities, beliefs, behaviours or people that no longer serve you. Notice which people drain the life from you and what activities suck the joy out of your life. It’s time to let them go. 


Look for coincidences, words in a song, a book that fell open on a page and when you get a call from someone, you were just about to call. When a white feather appears on your scarf. These are your signs. The universe is acknowledging that you’re paying attention. You are on the right path.


When the universe wants your attention, you will experience accidents or a sense of unease. For example, you may have a sore throat. A sign you need to get something off your chest. The universe is asking you to heal your voice so you can be heard. 


If you want answers from the universe, you need to be clear in what you are asking for. For example, asking for a lottery win but not buying a ticket isn’t going to work. The same goes for manifesting. If you ask, you need to put in the hard work to be rewarded. Go deeper into understanding why you are experiencing negative emotions, self-sabotage or feeling overwhelmed. 

Own your potential gay hendricks from the big leap

Here are three questions to start you on your journey, 

1. What are you learning?

What knowledge feeds your genius that you share with others to improve their lives. 

2.What are your strengths?

The people around you often see your potential before you do and who can give you insight into your soul’s purpose. As an entrepreneur, you can often find your purpose in your best selling service or resources. So ask those in your proximity 

  • What lessons have I taught you? 
  • What is my genius, the thing you come to me for? 
  • What am I really good at?

I highly recommend taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

3. What brings you joy?

When you live your soul’s purpose, time becomes irrelevant, and you may find yourself working well past dinner time or wake up excited for the day ahead. Discover what makes your heart sing and fills you with joy. 

If you’d love to know more about zoning into your genius, book a complimentary 60-minute Brand Soul Session with me.

with courage and conviction Emma

July 5, 2021

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