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joanna thornhill

Partnering with brands with integrity over high volume sales to create engaging, creatively stunning campaign imagery, dreamy styled events and captivating copy to inspire home lovers.

The Joanna Thornhill brand appeals to;

socially conscious


brand strategy

Guiding brands to nail their visual identity. Helping home-lovers find their heart-led style. To capture the hearts and minds of a brands customer through sustainable touch points and authentic styling. 

Empowering people to create a home for wellbeing and mindful sustainability that satisfies the soul through writing, styling, consulting and teaching.

Interior and lifestyle brands who struggle to connect the dots between product and audience. Helping property owners who crave longevity over trends.


Strategy Consultation
Brand Identity
Canva Brand Kit Set up

Logo Font

La Luxes Font Duo by Set Sail Studios

Brand Manual Template

Brand Manual by Drop Cap Design

Oakfield, Rock Lane, Bristol, UK.



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If you're ready to make impact in your business I'd love to work with you. No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial journey, I believe you have can make a huge impact with your business. 


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