I need a break to relax, recharge and refocus.

I NEED A BREAK!  It’s all I could say to M as the tears streamed down my face, I was so, so, so tired, fatigued, worn out and flat, flat as in flat out of innovation, intuition, and motivation. I had nothing to offer as I had no more to give. By the way M is Martin, my fiancé, my rock, my life and my soulmate (love you M.x)




The past couple of months have really taken their toil on me as I’ve attended hospital appointment after hospital appointment.  New treatments have been introduced and until I get used to them I feel like I’ve taken 10 steps back. I’ve also been referred to another clinical consultant due to the side effects of the new treatments.


Simple things like the fitting of a night mask for my CPAP machine (I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnoea) are still on going as some nights it works brilliantly, other nights I’m woken with air blowing into my eyes where the mask hasn’t quite sealed against my face, I adjust the mask often pulling the straps even tighter.

And here’s a moan about vanity – the mask leaves marks on my face and some morning I wake with huge puffy eye bags, WTF! To top it off my nightly beauty regime has had to stop due to the mask, I’m not allowed to wear any lotions, potions or acids (I used to love a good dollop of Retinol A  at bed time). But I’m compromising – I’m now slapping it on mid afternoon, then cleanse only before bed.  

Caroline Hiron’s – I need your help!


I never really tell people how bad it is, I always try to be bubbly and positive, but I’m desperate for a break, time away from the day to day habits. M suggested we go away for some much need R & R, because he needs it as much as me. I was so pleased to see our favourite cottage was free the week we had in mind. It’s a place we visit two to three times a year for the past five consecutive years.

Before we went ahead and booked we checked to see if our amazing house sitter was available, as soon as she said yes I booked the cottage asap. We are so lucky to have a house/cat sitter who is also reliable, trustworthy and excellent when it comes to Stevie’s daily medication. Honestly we would be lost with out her.

M and I, arrived Friday evening, we love to stay either side of the main summer season, the main reason is it’s more affordable so we get to have more breaks and secondly I can’t be doing with the tourists – how ironic of me, but I don’t feel like a tourist, I’ve been coming here two to three times a year for five years, it just feels like home from home, but sadly without my fur- babies Sprout and Stevie.

Saturday morning I woke at 6.30 am, I had the best nights sleep for a long time, we are sleeping in a huge SUPER KING bed so it was great to stretch out. Morning meds completed, I head to the light and airy open plan lounge – kitchen – diner, my first brew is a strong black coffee I sit in silence soaking in the view, fascinated by the new livestock – alpacas and a sheep, not as friendly as the goats (which have sadly gone to a new home) but very amusing to watch them roll around in the grass and wash each others necks, and a sheep who mimics the alpacas behaviour. M had noticed an honesty box so headed off to get fresh eggs for our breakfast, fresh and runny is how I like my eggs and these didn’t disappoint, yolks like butter. By 9am we had eaten breakfast (of course it was a full english, with plenty left over for the next day) washed up and settled down for another coffee and a catch up on insta-stories, we even watched a couple of episodes of Broadchurch (we have only just discovered it and already into season 2).

I enjoyed having time to relax, potter and have some me time be that a pampering or just lie in the bath reading and topping it up with more hot water. I made sure to pack some of my favourite products I’m suffering with very dry skin at the moment and loving the L’OCCITANE Rich Shea Butter range – especially the Ultra Rich Foaming Bath and Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Lotion.


Mid afternoons are my time for my nighttime facial routine due to not being able to wear any products on my face at night with my CPAP mask. I love spending time tapping Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate onto my face, it’s very therapeutic then as a little pick me up I have a quick spritz of Eau Ressourçante from Clarins – this stuff is amazing and I even spritz my pillow of a night with it, I first discovered it over 20 years ago whilst having a Clarins treatment and been using it ever since, definitely in my top five beauty products.


So I’m going to cut short this blog here as I’m going to have said bath, and catch up with you again in a couple of days.

With heart & conviction,



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