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Chatterbox is your resource for brand clarity. Get straightforward advice to build a sustainable personal brand and attract dream clients. Chatterbox helps you stand out with clear, actionable branding advice.

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I will always be transparent with you, Chatterbox is so much more than a weekly publication; it's sharing everything I have learned, experienced and consumed over 30 years of working in Retail, IT Service Level Management and running my own Brand Consultancy business for over 12 years. Content is curated into a themed season - think Bridgeton on Netflix!

  • I don't do courses

  • I don't do masterminds

  • I do sustainable and affordable pricing

It’s a Netflix subscription for your business.

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  • Annual fee: $200

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What is a Chatterbox Season?

A Chatterbox Season is a curated series of themed content designed to guide, inspire, and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Each season focuses on a specific aspect of personal branding and business growth, providing a deep dive into essential topics through a variety of engaging and actionable articles.

Key Features of a Chatterbox Season:

  • Themed Focus: Each season revolves around a central theme relevant to you, such as "Client Relations”.

  • Structured Learning: Content is organised in a logical sequence, making it easy to follow and implement step-by-step strategies. Each article builds on the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  • Actionable Insights: Practical tips and real-world examples are provided to help you apply the concepts discussed. From case studies to how-to guides, each piece is designed to be immediately useful.

  • Interactive Elements: Worksheets, and challenges that reinforce learning and encourage you to take action. These tools are designed to help you reflect on your progress and stay motivated.

  • Community Engagement: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are also following the Chatterbox Season. Share your experiences, ask questions, and support each other through the journey.

  • Weekly Updates: New content is released weekly, keeping the momentum going and ensuring you have a steady stream of fresh insights and inspiration.

By the end of each Chatterbox Season, you will have gained a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, all tailored to help you build and grow your personal brand with confidence and clarity.

Client Relations Season

Welcome to the Client Relations Season, your ultimate guide to mastering client relationships. This season, we will delve deep into the essential strategies and tools needed to elevate your client interactions and position yourself as an indispensable advisor.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from each of the 9 transformative articles:

1. Be the Guide - Position Yourself as the Go-To Person

2. Identify Your Target Audience

3. Stand Out in the Marketplace

4. Convert Audience into Clients

5. Effective Icebreakers

6. Awareness

7. Setting Expectations to Remove Assumptions

8. Insights and Surveys

9. Reward and Recognition

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