It was around this time of year; you know when the leaves start to turn a warm copper tone and the first ‘nip’ is felt in the air. A time when entrepreneurs around the globe begin their patter of sales funnels to entice you into to their schools and clubs for the forth coming year.

I had downloaded yet another  “how to guide” on entrepreneurship, it was one of those freebies to sucker you in to sign up for the year and you will come out the other side with an awesome business. (p.s. I was suckered into buying it and that’s a whole other story for another blog post). purposeful-pt-1-berry
The freebie in question tasked me with finding words that represented my ‘Why’. I looked up definitions of words, words I use every day, so much so that the meaning sometimes gets blurred – words which had become a vocabulary on autopilot. It was here that I went back to basics, researching the meanings behind the words I had written to describe why I do what I do. And believe me when I say I agonised over how to sound like everyone else who is successful, their words flow so well; why can’t mine. Then came the Imposter Syndrome –  I wanted to take snippets of words from those I admired and marry them together, surely this would make me sound like them, but what if someone says I’m not what I say I am, I don’t want to seem like a copy cat! God forbid anyone would actually like my words.



 I really did need to have a chat with myself, I needed to understand me; what makes me the person I am. Who am I! What’s my purpose? I grabbed my Macbook and googled the word ‘Purpose’; like a slap around the face it hit me hard, the word I had been searching for;



To have a purpose, determination, resolute, full of meaning, significance; words that are core to my why.
I decided that PURPOSEFUL would become my core desire for 2016 to help me achieve my goal of understanding me and those I can serve in life and work.
On reflection 2015 had been a mixture of good, bad and very ugly.  Accepting and letting go of friendships, projects and clients played a huge role. My altruism was tested to the extreme and wow what a lesson that was, never to be repeated. My core desire for 2015 had been PURSUE, and pursue I did along many different paths, I stepped outside my comfort zone on many occasions extending my network and potential far and wide. Ever the optimist I had accepted, overcome and learned from my challenges.
With my intentions set for 2016 to be a purposeful year, I began working on who I am;-
September is my home
Born beneath the scales of Libra,
Grace and charm are my birthright
Honesty and sincerity upholds my integrity
Balance and harmony are my necessity
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my guilty pleasure
Blue is my colour, but never my mood
Knowledge is my thirst
Introvert is where I go to feed my Extrovert.
But there’s more to me, my core, and my why. I decided to take an online personality test with 16 Personalities they describe it as a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.
And accurate they were, my result was ENFJ – I am a Protagonist.


   ENFJs are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team with infectious enthusiasm.

Well that certainly sums me up, intrigued by the test I wanted to discover my archetype, I had a hunger for more knowledge on my archetype and the work of Carl Jung. It was then I had found the test that would changed the way I saw my business…and my life…forever. – I had found Cerries Mooney’s The Primary Archetype Test .

to be continued . . .

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