RachèLE Summers COACHING

brand identity

The Rachèle Summers Coaching brand appeals to women who are feeling they have lost their purpose in life they seek clarity . It’s calming style reflects the clarity offered by RSC. Feng Shui has inspired the design with subtle references to energy depicted by the transitions of dark to light to represent clarity. The lotus flower symbolizing harmony, peace and purity represents the feminine finding inner peace with her coach.

trust • kind • clarity • energy




Brand Essence

Target audience


If you’ve never had a coach before think of me as someone you can talk to like a friend. No judgment, with all the answers and with a plan to create a life you love, a business that lights you up and makes money.

Make clients feel they can be 100% open and honest without judgment, empowering to surrender to ways that don’t work and to have confidence and courage to make life changing decisions.

Women seeking a guidance to create a purposeful life, who want a guide that not only listens without judgments but who has the answers. Attracted by kindness and compassion they desire to feel passion in their life’s purpose.

The RSC logos are based on the identity of Rachèle Summers the coach, giving the brand the versatility to niche into various sectors as the business develops.

brand strategy



I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you Emma.
It’s just so beautiful to look at. 

rachèle summers