Today I will step into the unknown

“Do what ever it takes every single morning to get yourself into the miraculous space of being a stand up responsible adult, who shares authentic light within them and knows how to work it like a boss …”




I have chosen August for my personal journey to connect with my spiritual work, similar to self care with a focus on all aspects of life, business, spiritual, mental and physical. The spiritual work that fires up my creativity, imagination, inspiration, intuition, insight, conscious choice making, and a light worker for soulful creatives.

No reason except that I’m run down I’m only just recovering from a throat and chest infection, but even before that my light had dimmed and I was really struggling to find my way. I happened upon a new moon ritual, as I’d never done one before I thought in for a penny in for a pound. I wrote my lists for each of the headings – gratitude, release and greedy and under the full moon in Leo burnt it. A week later things I had asked for release and greedy had started to manifest, in a way that gives you goosebumps.


It’s then I do the D’oh face palm  why don’t I do this stuff more often cause when I do shit happens, it works! 


The purpose of trying different practices is to find what works for me, encouraging me to;-

  • build a toolkit ‘go to practices’
  • Practicing daily
  • discovering the days I don’t want to practice and understanding why
  • learn to TRUST that if you put the effort in, it will work
  • creating space (that means clearing the clutter like Marie Kondo)


This is my first day of trying ‘go to practices’, something that is important to my selfhood. There is no guide as to what I will try each day, if I like it I’ll repeat it, if I don’t I’ll try something else. I am also keen to use what I have to hand or can source online free of charge.

1. Oracle Card
2. Meditate
3. Relaxing Bedtime Bath


Today I pulled two oracle cards.

Deck: DoreenVirtue’s Life Purpose deck
Card: Trust
Message: Trust the changes you’re going through. All of your powerful prayers are being answered, by God guiding you to make some much-needed positive changes. While change can feel threatening as you embark into the unknown, keep in mind that God can see where you’re going. It’s not an unknown future, when you follow God’s guidance.

Deck: Messages from Mother Earth by Jacqueline Winters
Card: Fluorite
Message: “A wise person will know to smoothly and gently go with the flow” – “the Chill Pill”. A gentle reminder that whenever you show mental, emotional or physical resistance in life you restrict the flow of energy and create persistence. The fluid, supple energy of Fluorite will help you relax into any situation and restore the status quo.

Both cards resonated with me, especially the first as I’m about to make a lot of changes and I need to trust the unknown. The second card is one for my recovery, I have kept the card close to me all day using it as a book marker. Not sure whether I will pull oracle cards daily, but they are going into the the toolkit of “go to practices” for when I require guidance.

I love the guidance you get from oracle cards, I’m thinking this may be a weekly go to practice rather than daily, but still referring to the weekly cards each day. Although early days I may change my mind and if I do that’s ok as this is for me and what works for me.


Until I have decluttered the space I intend to use,  I have set up a temporary alter in my lounge;- it contains, incense, Buddha statue, Tibetan singing bowl, a plant, candle and sage.

I took inspiration from both oracle cards I asked for TRUST & GO WITH THE FLOW to be the focus of my morning meditation.


I prefer guided meditations as I find my mind wonders. Today I used Spotify, I selected Morning Meditations and Chakra a playlist* from @DeepakChopra – The Soul of Healing Affirmations. It’s the first time I’ve listened to this playlist, I take it as a guide from the universe, because when I scrolled through the list I discovered an affirmation meditation for TRUST.

*You can find the playlist here.


T is for Trust

Today I will trust the unknown.

Today I will relinquish the known.

Today I will step into the unknown and in every moment I will lay my trust in the field of infinite possibilities.

By trusting the unknown I will find Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition, Insight, and Conscious Choice Making.

Today I will relinquish the known.

I will realise that the known is the prison of my past conditioning.

By stepping into the unknown in every moment I will enter the field of infinite possibilities.

Today I will trust the unknown and enter the field of infinite possibilities.


I am looking forward to this and yes I’ve tried this before and it’s a big YES for the toolkit of “go to practices” plus  I already have a little ritual prepared for relaxing baths. It will also double up as a pamper session including hair and face masks. Do you just love a multitasking plan!

First on the list is to make sure the Bathroom is free from clutter that means I wash my hair and apply a hair mask followed by cleansing my face and applying a face mask I then put said products away out of sight.

I have all my products for the bath in a basket set alongside a large jar of epsom salts which is an essential in every bath. Towels are plenty, one to wrap around my head whilst in the bath, I have my favourite toweling robe from Marks and Spencer that must be at least 15 years old, but always washes up like new (except for a few bleach stains on the cuffs).

All that’s left is to light a candle, I’m currently burning Honest Japanese Yuzu candle, an uplifting eastern citrus fragrance with extracts of naturally sweet mandarin and grapefruit, the air is cleansed and mood is peaceful.

Neroli Bath Fizz Bombe – Moisturising, stress relieving and rejuvenating, Neroli Light essential oil is beneficial to the skin – especially mature, dry and sensitive skin.

Lavender oil – adding a few drops, a great stress reliever thanks to its calming and sedative properties.


Reading –#higherselfie by Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood

Listening – The Universe Has Your Back: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What by Gabrielle Bernstein

AUGUST 2017 :: Emma Brooks Design A collection of music I’m loving right now and chosen to compliment my #SELFHOODAUGUST



Do you have a toolkit of “go to practices”?

I’d love to know your favourite crystals, essential oil blends, oracle cards, lunar rituals, tell me your favourites in the comments below.


With love & light





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