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What Is Brand Culture?

What Is Brand Culture?

It’s about how you want everyone to work inside your business to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. It should infuse happiness, enthuse motivation, increase output and deliver customer excellence at every opportunity. A happy team equals happy customers, a team that doesn’t know what the business expects of them will be seen by the outside world as a disfunction business. 

A culture is a set of ideas, customs and behaviours of a group of people. Within a business, it is the brand values that determine the behaviours. The culture sets the customs of the brand’s internal operations to define how it shows up cascading down from the C board to the front line. 

My Story

My first job was as a checkout assistant at 16. By 18 I’d been promoted to supervisor. The company was run by an entrepreneur who had an innovative mind and a clear vision for his business. Every employee received a laminated card with the company brand mission and values. I had no idea what a brand meant. Still, I did understand they were the values they wanted us to represent. 

Every door leading to the shop floor had a poster with the brand values and mission statement, we high five’d them every time we walked out onto the shop floor. It was a fun place to work, but as anyone will tell you retail is hard work and long hours, but the culture was “a great place to work” and we all knew “how we do things around here”. I had the privilege of working for this company for 16 years. In return, I was promoted many times to roles that lead me to become a certified ITIL Practitioner working within the IT department. My role involved 

  • Support the opening of new stores around the UK and Ireland.  
  • testing at a large software company for Y2K 
  • currency switch over to the Euro in the Republic of Ireland. 
What does brand culture mean? Values, customs and behaviours

All 21,000 staff lived and breathed the customs, behaviours and values of the brand culture. I am grateful for having worked for such an innovative company. Who taught me to exceed the expectation at every opportunity. A value I cherish to this day.

After all, a brand is nothing more than the customers’ perception of your business. Everyone must be able to walk the talk.

The leadership team must lead by example, promoting the brand culture. A culture is only as good as the energy you generate.

6 Steps to building a brand culture

No. 1

Define the brand purpose, who are you, what you do and why it matters. It’s so much deeper than making money; it’s about satisfaction and appreciation.

You can identify your brand purpose at the Internal stage of the brand strategy. You can learn more in my blog post 7 Reasons Why You Need A Brand Strategy

No. 2

Define your core values – the internal beliefs and identify what’s essential to the brand in the way they do business.

Remember these values need to be embraced by everyone within the business. Make them realistic and achievable.

No. 3

Set out how you want everyone to show up and behave internally and externally, remember these need to be authentic you won’t be able to fool your customers. Communication is so important, along with the clarity of processes and procedures. Your team are your brand representatives.

No. 4

What incentives will you implement to keep the momentum? How will you check in with teams individuals and acknowledge their contribution? It costs nothing to say ‘well done, thank you’.

No. 5

Being open to feedback will allow the team to speak openly about what’s working what’s not working in the culture.

No. 6

Adapt and evolve by implement culture improvements; remove what doesn’t work. Introduce new initiatives to keep the culture fresh. Carry out regular Brand culture health check-ups.

Do you need help with your brand culture?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with businesses that have the most amazing brand cultures, I’d love to help you figure out your very own brand culture.

You can learn more in my blog post 7 Reasons Why You Need A Brand Strategy.

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February 16, 2021

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