Let me pour you

a cup of ambition

– blended

with clarity, focus,

motivation & purpose


Your brand empowered

Life as a woman running her own creative business has its ups and downs, at times those downs are deep with self-doubt, negative mind chatter, the feeling of isolation and failure.

As much as we all love our family and friends for their loyal support and cheerleading it’s not the same as the support as someone who’s been there and worn the T-shirt.

I’m your business best friend, the shoulder to lean on, the ear to listen to your frustrations, fears and aspirations.

I’m empathic to your struggles, a trustworthy confidant with the creativity and perception to help you visualise your ideas, nurturing and empowering you to have conviction and confidence in your brand.

I’m here to empower your brand, with ideas, resources, creativity, wisdom, inspiration, and so much more…


Work With Me

I have successfully helped businesses build a brand that attracts loyal customers.

Working with me, I can help you make sense of your ideas with a clarity call, develop your brand strategy with a creative workshop and create stunning visuals with brand identity.

As a qualified service level practitioner, I work with clients to identify and implement service improvements aligned to your business and customer requirements.



A date and time to suit you.



Tell me about you, your business and your struggles.


Secure your booking.


Confirmation of your booking


An hour to focus on you and your business.


Your time to recap and take notes from the video recording.


I’ll check in on you a week later.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please be sure that you can attend before booking. 

The total is due at the time of booking in order to hold your spot and is non-refundable. 

In the event, you need to reschedule this is available via a link in the booking confirmation email.

Do I need to install software for the call

Good question!

I use a service called Zoom, which enables me to share a link so that you can participate via a web browser such as Chrome or Safari.

However, if you would like to create your own Zoom account and install the application you can do so via this link.

Is the video Recorded

Yes, it’s a great resource to have as it keeps us focused and productive, allowing you to take notes from the video recording after our call.

Can I reschedule

Yes of course. There will be a link in the booking confirmation email to reschedule your call. 

Will our call be Private

Yes, most certainly any information you share regarding you and your business will not be disclosed to any third party, with exception to properly perform the consultation 

  • Zoom – video recording
  • Dubsado – booking/payment software
  • Dropbox – video file transfer

Just as you are expected to keep strictly confidential all information about my business.

Do I need to take notes

Our call will be recorded which saves you having to jot down any notes during the call.

You will be able to take notes in your own time after the call as the recording will be made available for you to download via a Dropbox link emailed to you within 48 hours of our call

Do I need to Prepare anything

Prepare a list of questions in order of priority, that way we get to answer the important one first!

Ensure your mobile or laptop has enough power.

Close any other applications or open web pages.

Mute or even better set your phone to do not disturb.

Hydration – ensure you have a glass of water in addition to your coffee or tea.

Visit the powder room before we start.

Don’t fret over your appearance, I want you to be comfortable and relaxed on our call.

You are welcome to email me info@emmabrooksdesign.com  if you have any questions prior to our call.

Your Investment


A little bit of love….

Kind Words

‘Thanks so much for the call this morning, Emma. I arrived feeling clueless and nervous, but you were so knowledgeable and reassuring to speak to that I am now fizzing with ideas! Your advice was spot on, and I now have an understanding of what my next steps should be. The advice you gave me on WordPress and Divi was an added bonus that I hadn’t been expecting. You really have made the whole process of re-branding seem MUCH less daunting! Phew!’

Susie Jones | Mildred Jones

Do you have 10 minutes to make a difference in my business? 


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