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There is something wonderful about the turning of the leaves in Autumn, it’s a time for the trees to purge what they no longer require, an aspiration I have for all aspects of life. What no longer serves a purpose or requirement is discarded creating space, light, liberation and optimism, allowing you to see the wood for the trees!

Back in August, I enrolled on Kim Klassen’s 5-day journaling challenge WRITE | now, although I’m not a confident writer, I do have an abundance of confidence for speaking, never afraid to say my bit!  So a writing challenge to me is all about facing the fear and doing it anyway, (thank you, Susan Jeffers)!

The 5-day journaling challenge (six actually as Kim very kindly gave us a bonus day) was a truly beautiful introduction to a soul-searching journey of manifesting your heart’s desires, a holistic path to living your dream. So when Kim announced WRITE | your heart’s desire a 6-week journaling intensive starting on the 24th September, I signed up immediately.

this is that course


We are just starting week 1, and look here I am writing about it (proof is in the pudding), but what I love about this week is how you decide on your dreams, it took me a while but once I started to write the dreams came flooding into my head (I can see why it’s called Flood of Dreams) and for the second time I find myself writing dreams I’ve never spoken about (to anyone except in my own mind chatter) I’m acknowledging my dreams in order to manifest them.
The 6-week intensive begins just as I’m preparing for my weight loss surgery on Monday 1st October 2018, my lifelong dream to be fit and healthy is happening right now, last Monday (17/09/2018) the gastric balloon I had inserted on 1st March 2018 was removed having served it’s purpose of helping me lose weight for a safer surgery. I’m now on a liver reduction diet to prepare me for my gastric bypass on Monday.
So now my dream is to purge the lbs just like the trees purge their leaves, to accept a period of rest over winter to be revitalised with renewed energy ready to flourish in 2019.

This my lovelies is my personal dream,


the BIG ONE for me

it truly is manifesting my heart’s desire.

Ems xo

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