You have no style

Words that devastated me and left me questioning my why and my purpose as a designer in November 2018.

As a small business owner, I pour my heart and soul into creating a profitable business that brings me joy. I work every hour available trying to wear the hat of every department from marketing to a web developer to social media manager. 

I don’t have the luxury of a personal department or a line manager to measure my performance or set my objectives. When I heard, “You don’t have a style” I cried wounded tears of every day, hour and minute I’d poured into trying to figure it all out! It was my raw emotion to harsh words, which I on reflection I had cocooned myself from as an entrepreneur, but here I was on a two-day workshop with my peer telling me what I couldn’t see for myself, the cold, harsh truth!

That night I made the decision I needed to put my business on hold and figure out what I wanted it to be going forward. I had spread myself too thin with a broad range of services. I had to change my offerings. I had to be clear on who I was and what I did. It was apparent I had let my clients dictate the design and the reason why I had no style. I had become the tradesperson rather than the designer.

Let’s also not forget that I’m self-taught, so I felt I had to work extra to earn my seat at table of entrepreneurship. I thought I would achieve the same success as other designers by mimicking their process and deliverables.

How wrong I was!

2019 started with a lot of soul-searching.

I dived into multiple masterminds and online courses.

Brand Clarity – The Brand Stylist

I started with the fundamentals. I needed to be clear about my business and the people I serve. 

The Blueprint Model – Shanna Skidmore

I got to grips with business finances and pricing my worth not my hours. Unfortunately Shanna has closed this course for 2020, but she has a wealth of information on her blog.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint – Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi

I’ve grown so much as a person and in my business with the combined knowledge of these two mentors.

Please note this is an affiliate link where I receive a percentage of the course fee should you purchase via this link.

Copywriting for Creatives – Ashlyn Writes

Finally getting to grips with writing my words, I’m a pro at speaking, but the writing just doesn’t come naturally to me, even this blog post is a step out of my comfort zone.

In addition to other courses, I have a thirst for knowledge and decided to swap Netflix for reading, listening to books, podcasts and webinars. 

“What you get doesn’t make you happy, who you become makes you happy”

– Jim Rohn

I now know my brand strategy, it’s my business DNA, I know who I serve, I show up authenitcally with the autonomy of a designer with a process that fits my holistic and mindful approach to design

And in a time of uncertainty, I have invested in a mastermind and a 10-week intensive coaching programme to get massive action and results. 

3 Things I’m doing differently now

  1. Mindset – Feed, strengthen and condition my mind and body to allow me to pursue my goals. Every day I stand guard at the door of my mind. What I allow into my mind shapes me. I read every day, feeding my knowledge and thinking like the great people I read. When I have no extra time, I listen to podcasts and audio while driving, cooking or cleaning.
  2. Role Models – Learn from the success of role models, I choose to surround myself with people who are passionate, enthusiastic and have a necessity. Proximity to successful and motivational peers are the power to my growth and success. 
  3. Massive action – face my fear with courage, confidence and conviction to reach my goals.

My Necessity

  • Keep training my mind and body.
  • keep finding new role models and proximities.
  • Keep taking massive action, continuously changing and improving – becoming a better version.
  • Working to give more.

My Style

  • My brand reflects my style.
  • My style attracts my clients.
  • My portfolio showcases my style and the niche I appeal too.
Emma Brooks Design My Style

“You have no style” weren’t the words I wanted to hear, but the words I needed to hear to take massive action.

Today I am forever grateful for those words.

Are you struggling to find your creative style? I’d love to share my journey with you over a cup of tea on a Zoom call. Just simply click the link below and schedule your call.

You have no style words I needed to hear a blog post by Emma Brooks Design

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