A Brummie born and bred, I now think of Bristol as home, which I share with the guy who stole my heart, my fiancé Martin and our two grey fury felines, Sprout and Stevie.
Living with a chronic illness I need an equilibrium of work and life, I find this through selfhood; a combination of meditation, mindfulness, self care and pacing myself, along with a couple of trips to our secret retreat in Dorset, a place we hold dear in our hearts  where we can both release, relax and recharge. It’s where I’m my most creative and content.

I love to shop independent businesses, one of my favourite shops is ’19 Alexander Rd’ who message me when they have the odd letter E come in.


I have a thirst for knowledge and love a good book, mostly branding, colour, psychology and well being.I have to be in the mood to read fiction. I’m a big fan of audio; be it podcasts, audio books and Spotify playlists, you can find my curated playlists here <>.

I’m an ENFJ and an Alchemist / Creator – if you are into archetypes then they sum me up rather well, you can read more about how I found my purpose in my two part blog post “How I found my purpose …” part one & part two.

I was born in Birmingham
I made my home in Bristol

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